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Moa Studios / C4 - Mediaworks (now Four - Mediaworks)
Camera Operator, Field Director, Episode 2-4 Editor
2006 - 2007

Made on a budget of less than $30,000NZD in it’s first year, Studentville’s
first 11 episode run span the entire country and back, visiting nearly every
major university (thats ‘college’ for those from the US and A) campus at
least once during it’s first season, and covering events small and simple to
massive and over the top.

From it’s background, based in previous work done via CowTV in Dunedin,
Studentville managed to do what Cow often hadn’t - focusing only on the
students and what carnage they got up to during their academic year, and
then also placing that on a national scale.

From pub crawls, to sports events; modelling shows, to trips through the
country; first years events, to varsity balls... the show was a no holds barred
look into the student lifestyle. It was from the people and events in Dunedin
and what we weren't doing/able to do on CowTV that Studentville began.
At least thats what it seemed...

Hamish Coleman-Ross, who put the whole thing together, returned from
Australia at the start of 2006 and within 5 weeks had amassed a plan to
create the show. The show was shot for several weeks up and down the
country while he put together some rough cuts of segments and a montage,
and pitched it to networks.

The fact that someone went for it and this all made it onto TV surprised all of
us, including the creator/producer/director himself I'm sure. Originally
intended to not just go to events, but also include random segments, C4 saw
something in the show and asked for events only... and thats what the show

The return for a second season uped the budget slightly, allowing a more
decent opening title sequence, better transistions, more locations, and to
some degree the ability/requirement to have turn arounds within 3 weeks
- however difficult this became.

During it’s seasons on C4 in 2006 and 2007 I tallied up a number of roles,
though the majority of the work I did was camera orientented and backed up
with field direction and presenter mangement, I also got to have a go with
graphics work here and there and helped edit on one of the most edit
intensive episodes - the Hyde Street Keg Party of 2007.

Due to the budget most of the time I was more or less the most experience
camera operator the show had, which showed frequently at events where
other camera operators were needed to be sourced in early days. The
producer and presenters over time got better with their camerawork, till the
point where a 2 man crew of presenters only went it to the US did
exceptionally well. The experience and fun of making this incredible series
has stuck with me well, and it was a shame we never got to make another
season as originally planned. However while it lasted I had a lot of fun making
cheap television for a nationwide audience with some friends.

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