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Allied Press, Dunedin
Production General (Multiple Roles)

I began at Channel 9 after returning to Dunedin after doing my Film &
TV school work in Wellington at the end of 2003. At first I began as a
volunteer for CowTV, the local student show, before quickly beginning
to be asked to come in to do paid work. My first jobs included studio
camera on the Quickflicks film making competition final and sound
operation on the Channel 9 News.

The latter was me being thrown in the deep end with 15 minutes of
watching, and 15 minutes of doing with obseveration... then the next
day I was on my own. I continued to work mostly on the news for
parts of 2004, including helping setup the studio and often being
placed on one of the cameras when I wasn't doing sound.

I left Dunedin again in August to go work in Wellington for about 4-5
months but when I returned at the end of 2004 I was immediately back
to working for the station. During 2005 and 2006 I went from just
working on a filling gaps in rosters to eventually helping out on almost
every show, and often filling in the gaps for the production manager.

This meant on any day I could be editing any number of things, shooting
in the studio, shooting in the field while directing the talent, working on
news studio, and then helping out with the CowTV guys in the evening.

I also ended up co-producing a shopping show, pitching my own Film
and DVD review show with a completed pilot, and editing the Southern
Newsweek news roundup show each week for a year or so.

Additionally I would be called upon for helping setup new studio shows,
and helped work out set and lighting for a specific shows covering
sports, current affairs, Dunedin interests, and others. I would also often
end up shooting or editing commercials for the station as well.

On top of this, local Polytechnics and Schools would come through to
use the facilities and I was often asked to come in and be the person to
help with their questions, techincal problems, and generally show them

Once the Outside Broadcast truck was up and running for the station at
the start of 2006, I also was called upon to go shoot OB releated events
including sports and social events during the year.

By the end of 2006 when I left to return to Wellington I'd done every role
quite likely possible at the station except be a main presenter or a studio
director on a major show or news shift.

Regional TV gave me a major footing into the industry but it also gave me
a mixed set of skills where I could be slotted into almost any production

I've listed more specific info on each of the other shows on the main
work page, so please check them out for more releated info.

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